Bathroom Refurbishment in Berkshire UK

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If you are worried about some missing features in your bathroom like a vent, better or more lightning, an outlet or switch, then you need to refurbish your bathroom. If you are thinking of installing or updating new bathtubs, showers surround, tile, sinks, vanities, toilets, flowering, and even towel bars, then you most definitely will need a Bathroom Renovation and Refurbishment Service.

Bathroom Refurbishment
Bathroom Refurbishment


Do this if you want a full bathroom refurbishment

There are so many people in Berkshire that want professional washroom refurbishment. Full bathroom refurbishment involves working on designs in your bathroom, checking the sink/countertop, framing and installing shower pan, tiling the floor and painting the walls, tiling the shower, installing new light fixtures, and features. It also involves installing a sink, faucet, shower, and toilet, installing vanity and toilet topper, tiling the backsplash, painting the window trim and wall, installing accessories, and having your shower door installed.

Leave it to Wise Renovation

Does a full bathroom refurbishment as listed above sounds like something you can do, or does it look like something WE CAN DO for you at Wise Renovation? We know you want your home improved, that’s why we are presenting our services to you.


Bathroom Refurbishment
Bathroom Refurbishment

Are you worried about your bathroom refurbishment cost?

Bathrooms in Berkshire and the UK generally are of different sizes and types. The same is true of bathroom refurbishment cost. We usually have standard refurbishment cost, and a premium or luxury refurbishment cost. Refreshingly, our bathroom refurbishment experts have put in place simple projects like tile replacement, sink replacement, and updating light fixtures – all of which are at a lower cost and time commitment.


Bathroom Refurbishment
Bathroom Refurbishment

We are committed to your satisfaction

Besides, we are more concerned about getting your bathroom refurbished than seeing it devastated just because of cost. This is why Wise Renovation is different from other renovation Service Companies.

Our professionals and experts know what to do

Our professionals have been refurbishing bathrooms for more than 24 years. So we know precisely how to help you get that satisfaction you so deserve – and our bathroom refurbishment cost is pocket-friendly. Even if you want to expand the bathroom, change the place of the shower or the toilet, for us, there are simply no difficulties.

Let us help you in your bathroom refurbishment

We can help you put an end to your search of “bathroom tilers near me.” We can help you tell if your plumbing and soil stack is moving or staying put. We can help you think about UFH and heated towel rails.


Bathroom Refurbishment


Bathroom Refurbishment


Bathroom Refurbishment

What more can we do?

Our bathroom refurbishment experts can also help you pick a flooring style that’s non-slip, easy to clean, and suitable for wet areas. We can even help you with your lightning issues, your wall covering, your storage, and your sanitary ware. Knowing how we can help you is also one way of appreciating how pocket-friendly our bathroom refurbishment cost will be to you.

Our recommendations; your action!

We always create the best plan that is made out of the customer’s opinion and ideas, plus our suggestions before proceeding any further. When you finally decide to work with us, we start the ordering of the materials with your granting; then, we finally begin the process of renovation. Usually, a bathroom of standard sizes takes us no longer than 2 weeks to renovate or refurbish completely. We are simply waiting for you to take action!


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